Nimbin Valley Dairy – Blue Cow 1/2 Wheel 2kg

Description & Tasting Notes

Blue Cow is a surface ripened cow milk cheese with characteristic blue veins throughout. The paste displays a characteristic cow milk yellow colour with blue veins evenly distributed. The rind is an extremely rustic and appealing mixture of blue, white and other volunteer moulds of various hues. The intensity of colour and variety increase with age.

From two months of age this cheese displays earthy cow milk flavours combined with a background of blue notes. Although ripe from 8 weeks of age it will become softer in texture, stronger in flavour and display classic blue cheese flavour best after 10 to 12 weeks of age as the earthiness disappears. At this age the salty blue flavour is first on the palate and lingers to combine with the creamy rich full cow milk flavour that all of the worlds classic blue cheese are renowned for.


Other Notes & Serving Suggestions

The milk is sourced from pasture fed, free range friesian dairy cows. They graze a summer pasture of kikuyu and tropical legumes, and a winter pasture of temperate rye grass from May to late spring. Their diet is supplemented with grain each day, and silage in the Autumn. The milk is naturally free from antibiotics, growth promotants or hormones and GMOs.

Like other blues, Blue Cow cheese is excellent served with fruit and fresh crusty bread or crackers. Served simply as a ‘center piece’ cheese on a cheese board it will partner well with both sweet and dry red wines. Take care when partnering with beer to avoid strong yeasty flavours which may clash. Fruity lighter tasting beers should work well together with Blue Cow.

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